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W.S.D. will aim to ensure that the online service is available twenty four hours per day, seven days per week. If the service is interrupted W.S.D. will restore it as soon as possible. However access to the service may be suspended without notice. If the service is disrupted, it remains the responsibility of the Account Holder to comply with any statutory time limits regarding the payment of bills. W.S.D. reserves the right to deny access to the service for any reason and at any time where it is considered necessary to protect the service or a client.



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Saint Christopher and Nevis’ Water Services Department (W.S.D.) Online Services allow individuals and companies to make payments. In the future, additional services and features may be added.



Individuals or companies can start the registration process online by completing the registration form. If the account holder successfully registers, the registration details, including name and email address, will be stored securely on the Water Service Department System. The email address may be used by the Water Services Department to communicate and provide billing information and WSD notices and to forward messages in relation to other Government services.



The User ID and password will be used to verify the Account Holder’s identity and to authenticate information sent. They will be held securely by the Water Services Department WSD.OS and will not be made available to any other entity or organization. Account holder must always keep their User ID and password safe and secret. Account holder can change their password on the WSD.OS. If you forget your User ID, you can ask for it to be re-issued. If you forget your password or if it was stolen, you can request a replacement by returning to WSD to be issued a new one.



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WSD may monitor any communication with WSD members of staff including e-mail, phone calls and other communications, for accuracy and quality control. As new methods of communication are introduced, WSD reserves the right to monitor them for the purposes stated above.